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Burtt’s Pop Art canvasses are eager to share an energy that is immediately captivating. The whimsical themes are painted with areas of bright acrylic pigment enhanced by stripes and other intriguing secondary layer shapes.

Precise black lines delineate form and balance. Burtt indulges in three pigment lighter/base/darker contrasts to embolden subjects. The Pop Art worlds of Lichtenstein, Vasarely and Warhol led him on a journey to bring an eagerness to his work that compels the viewer to enjoy both flair and movement.

Burtt’s art table is a flat surface upon which pencil sketching, mixing and painting occur in quick succession. With the first splashes of colour he is immersed in the artwork as it unfolds as both a feast for the eyes and a delight to the heart. Both the Masters and contemporary colleagues have illustrated their ideas from which Burtt has studied, allowing then his imagination freedom to explore composition and a balance of complimentary colour placements.

Years of study go into a painting for there might be an image from a decade or a continent away that suddenly resurfaces and demands attention. The zeal with which Burtt captures that image is reflected in an audience’s smiling faces and sparkling eyes. Paintings are most valuable when they fan a dear memory back to life. They are to be enjoyed thoroughly; to be savoured as we connect once again to the past and wonder at the possibilities ahead.

It is a quest to find the infinite within the finite.

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