Gary Burtt was born in 1963 in New Brunswick, Canada.

While always studying technique as a youngster, Burtt drew cartoons for his classmates and painted murals for school productions. He was into pigments up to his chin and enjoying every minute; an excellent point in one’s life to explore creative aspirations.

Burtt travelled across Canada in his twenties exploring art centres and their influences. He visited briefly in Europe, but it was the international centre of Miami where he developed his passion for bold colours. The crisp lines and electricity of Pop Art appealed to him above all else. He donated several pieces to philanthropic causes; sharing the vibrancy of the works in an effort to better the world. Galleries in Aventura, Boca Raton and Pembroke Pines exhibited his work.

In Toronto Burtt was commissioned to paint a group of five works to brighten the Pediatric Emergency department of Toronto East General Hospital. The pieces excite young imaginations, captivating them and lifting their spirits with a world of marshmallow trees, where children go kite flying on a sandy beach and play leap frog beneath giant toadstools.

Burtt resides in Toronto where he has set up one of his studios. He has decorated his house in broad stripes and swirls so it is like living within a painting. There is always a work in progress on the table and a peal of classical music as he works.


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